Design Portfolio

Throughout my life, I’ve found myself naturally capable of designing media that compliments or adds to the content I already create—whether that be for digital or print mediums.

Although there are many paths that lead to the same design outcome (Adobe, Canva, ProCreate, etc.), the ability to bring a design vision to life from idea to finished product is absolutely essential as a content creator or digital marketer in the contemporary media landscape.

Below, I’ve included samples of my design work from across a wide range of mediums both professional and personal. I’ve tried to contextualize them to the best of my ability, but please reach out to me via email with any questions!

Blog & Email Graphics

Size: 1200p x 1800p

For every email and blog I publish, an accompanying graphic must be created to help the audience contextualize and harbor interest in the content being shared. Below, I’ve organized some of my favorite graphics from across my digital media career.

Mailer Cards

Size: 4″ x 6″

Alma Coffee sends 4×6 mailer cards with every order, and often I am called upon to design these for special or limited products. Here are a few samples of my work, with the top card being Alma’s current green bean (raw coffee) acquisition mailer card, and the bottom being the 2022 “Mujeres” promotional mailer, which I cover in great detail in the “Seasonal Campaign” subpage of my Digital Marketing portfolio.

Coffee Labels

Size: 3.5″ x 1.5″

I’ve had several opportunities to design coffee labels for seasonal or limited coffee roasts during my tenure as a Digital Media Manager at Alma Coffee, including spearheading the design concept for coffee labels across their entire 2022 coffee catalog (which I conceptually detailed in a full blog post here)

Physical Posters

Size: various

Here’s a section for all the professional and personal design work I didn’t exactly know how to categorize, which stretches all the way back to my undergraduate days.