Creative Writing

In some ways, all forms of writing—whether it be technical, grant, or even academic writing—has a “creative” force guiding those infinite syntactic combinations across a page.

Regardless of if other writers would agree with my fairly generalized view on writing and composition, I’m positive most would agree with me in saying that not all writing falls into creative writing as a genre. This subsection is is exclusively dedicated to literary or style-specific storytelling prose that does, by definition, qualify as “creative writing.”

Although I would consider myself a dedicated professional writer by trade, I’ve occasionally found time in my life to write full-length creative pieces in both screenwriting and non-fiction.

If you have a few minutes for a read, feel free to peruse a few of my favorite creative pieces below!

Van Man” Pilot Episode (2019): A 30-min serialized comedy series following the misadventures of a van dwelling college dropout.

“Allegory of Blood” (2016): This 1800-word short story covers the horseshoe crab blood harvesting industry and is easily one of my all-time favorite attempts at feature non-fiction.