Copywriting can take many, many forms…

During my time as a Digital Media Manager at Alma Coffee, for instance, copywriting responsibilities ranged from 3-4 sentence product descriptions to multi-page physical menu pamphlets meant to simultaneously tell a story and sell a product. It goes without saying that “copywriting” is an umbrella term covering most digital marketing writing responsibilities, and that’s why I’ve come to love it so much.

This specific subsection of my writing portfolio is dedicated to product and advertorial-specific copy, and I encourage you to visit the SEO Blog Writing, Email Marketing, Social Media Writing, or Feature Writing subsections in the header menu above to read writing samples from other copywriting genres.

Below, you’ll find a few copywriting samples from my positions at Alma Coffee and Country Club Prep, which I have intentionally selected to showcase copywriting in its purest form: describing a product for a consumer.

Click a picture below that piques your interest to read the copy description from its official web product page!

Product Copy Samples:

Advertorial Copy Samples: