Personal Video Projects

From campy green screen video lectures to TikTok fruit reviews, I’ll admit that creating entertaining and educational video content is one of my favorite things ever.

Below, to compliment my commercial videography portfolio and showcase my personality the only way I know how, I’ve included samples of a few of my favorite personal video projects.

Green Screen Video Lectures


During my time as an independent instructor of English at KSU—and largely due to the disruptive force COVID-19 had on classrooms during 2020—I created a series of green screen video lectures for my students to reference when writing papers.

After making several of these educational & entertaining videos, the positive reactions to video lectures I received from students at the end of each online semester prompted the guiding inquiries of my master’s thesis on Edu-tainment, titled “Video For All.”

Off Trail Originals


Inspired by the likes of YouTube channels like GemsonVHS and WesternAF, I saw an opportunity in 2020 to blend my videography talents and my musical connections in a series that captured original songs from talented local artists in serene natural locations. Check out a few of my favorite videos from that series below.

Kelley’s Fruit Reviews


The global pandemic of 2020 was a challenging time for everyone, myself included; However, it was also a unique opportunity for content creators interested in upping their TikTok game, and I saw my niche comedic opportunity in an unexpected place—reviewing and rating grocery store fruit.

15 Seconds of Shame


Honestly, I don’t have a great answer for why or how I found inspiration to create this YouTube series, but I sure am glad that I did it. Blending my editing style with man-on-the-street interviews, travel with me to a few of Georgia’s most iconic festival locations, including the Renaissance Festival and Hippie Festival.