Email Marketing

During my time as a Digital Media Manager at Alma Coffee, I have successfully spearheaded the creation, development, and rollout of Alma’s email marketing channel, including organically fostering & growing their engaged subscribers from 800 to 12,000 in less than two years.

Currently, Alma’s email marketing channel is critical for engaging and converting its lifetime customers, averaging 1/3 of all digital marketing revenue in 2022. Through research, A/B testing, and audience awareness, I’m excited to leverage this experience into other future email marketing roles.

Below, I’ve included sample emails that showcase the various email marketing genres, use of consistent brand voice, simplistic & minimal email design, and effective product placement I’ve fostered at Alma Coffee during my tenure.

Product Launch Email Sample

Sample email from the launch of our 2022 Summer Roast “Verano.” Generally speaking, new product launches are sent to Alma’s entire engaged email list at once, primarily because new products are launched irregularly and once every few months.

In this sample email, you’ll notice the writing & graphical elements reflect the large audience pool it is targeting with a more generalized, all-encompassing tone with bright and simple seasonal graphics—this particular email had a 48% open rate, 1.4% conversion rate, and 6% click rate amongst 9000 recipients.

Seasonal Campaign Email Sample

Below, you’ll find an example of a hyper-targeted email from 2021’s week-long Black Friday sale—you can find more information/context about the overarching Black Friday campaign the “Seasonal Campaign” subpage of my Digital Marketing portfolio in the header menu above.

This email, sent on Day 3 of 7 of our Black Friday deals and following the “black out” theme of Black Friday, targeted all age/gender demographics that opened previously sent Black Friday emails, clicked on a product link, but didn’t purchase anything. I found these behavior-specific targeted emails to be extremely effective at converting customers—especially during Alma Coffee’s Black Friday week of deals—and this particular email had a 56% open rate, 4% conversion rate, and 23% click rate among 3400 recipients.

PR & Brand Awareness Email Sample

Email marketing isn’t always about upselling and converting subscribers, which is why I’ve found it to be good practice scheduling one PR or Brand Awareness focused email every few weeks.

Below, I’ve included a sample from the end of 2021 that covered the growth of Alma Coffee’s business month by month, meant to inform email subscribers about the company’s trajectory and foster brand awareness. This sample demonstrates how eye-catching graphics and light-hearted copy can work wonders for list engagement, with this particular campaign netting an impressive 59% open rate, 1% conversion rate, and 3% click rate.

Social Media & Content Promotion Email Sample

Finally, I’d like to end this subpage of my portfolio website one of my favorite (and most effective) genres of email writing: Social Media & Content Promotion.

At Alma Coffee, many people stay subscribed to the email newsletter simply because we don’t always explicitly try to sell them something. I try to keep a healthy 50/50 balance between product-focused emails and content/messaging emails, with the latter primarily dedicated to informing our email subscribers what is happening on social media. With the way social media algorithms seem to change on a daily basis, leveraging a tried and true email list to engage organically with social media content has been a highly effective strategy for growing both digital media channels simultaneously.

Below, I’ve included one of my all-time favorite examples of this email strategy in action promoting a satire court trial Alma Coffee ran on social media and YouTube. You’ll notice the tone and graphics reflect the light-hearted nature of social media, and there isn’t any explicit product placement in the entire body.