Commercial Videography

Videography—from storyboarding, scripting, shooting, & editing—has always been a creative channel I’ve inherently enjoyed and excelled at, and I can’t wait to continue improving my video skills far into the future.

In the commercial sphere specifically, I’ve utilized my skillsets to produce, edit, and publish product ads, educational content, content promotions, and social media specific story content.

Please view a few of my favorite videography samples below, and visit my Personal Video Projects subpage in the menu above to see more video samples.

Product Videography Samples

Vertically formatted videos created for Social Media:

IG Reel: Launch of custom-made Alma Leather Keychains (2021)
IG/FB: Launch video for Alma’s new 5 lb. bag design (2022)
IG Reel: Earth Day sustainable product showcase (2022)

Horizontally formatted videos created for Web, Email, Paid Ads, and Social Media:

Paid Ad: Promoting Alma’s debut of nitro cold brew (2021)
IG/FB/LI/Twitter: Halloween themed Product Promo (2021)

Promotional Videography Samples

Videos created to generate engagement or promote brand awareness, not explicitly sell a product.

IG/Twitter: Example of a Six-Page Scripts Episode Teaser, posted weekly on the @sixpagescripts account (2020)
IG Story: an example of a promotional, holiday-themed IG Story meant to drive brand awareness and engagement on social media (2020)

Edu-tainment” Videography

The following “edu-tainment” samples were created using research and techniques from my master’s thesis, “Video for All: An argument towards standardization of video production practices and research” for professional and private organizations.

Social Media: most recent video in the ongoing Alma Coffee “Brew Guide” series, designed and edited following “Edu-tainment” research from my 2021 master’s thesis research (2022).
Paid Ads/Social Media: Created in coordination with KSU’s Center for Sustainable Journalism, this “Khan-style” video explains a complicated pedagogical concept to parents in 3 mins (2020).
YouTube: in visual podcast format, Kelley and Leticia (Alma Coffee’s co-founder) sit down to explain the story of Alma Coffee through the perspective of its bag design (2021).