Welcome to the dedicated portfolio website of Kelley Bostian, a writer, content creator, and digital marketer with three combined years of digital marketing experience, an M.A. in Professional Writing, and a passion for creating engaging internet content.

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A brief history of Kelley’s career

Hailing from the middlest, middle parts of middle Tennessee, Kelley has dedicated much of his life pursuing a wide variety of creative projects both professional and personal.

In his formative K-12 years, Kelley spent his free time writing short stories, playing music in garage bands, and learning to shoot & edit YouTube videos in hopes of becoming a professional online content creator, all of which (in one way or another) still influence his passions today.

However, after realizing he was a few million subscribers short of monetizing his childhood YouTube channel, Kelley graduated from high school and found himself wholly absorbed in English Professional Writing studies at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, graduating with a B.A. in 2017.

With a thirst for continuing deeper research into writing & composition theory following graduation, Kelley pursued a Graduate Teaching Assistantship at Kennesaw State University in 2018 where he spent 3 semester teaching English 1101 and 1102 both in-person and, through circumstances related to the global COVID-19 pandemic, in hybrid and online settings. He graduated shortly after publishing his master’s thesis on video pedagogy in early 2021, originating from his experience blending entertaining content creation within online-only learning environments.

Throughout his undergraduate and graduate residency, on top of working many writing and digital media positions listed below, Kelley spent his free time pursuing, perfecting, and publishing video & musical content of all shapes and sizes, which eventually helped land his first full-time writing & content creation role in late 2020 at Alma Coffee as a Digital Media Manager.

Kelley has put his skills to the test in several dynamic & digital positions, including:

As a professional writer over the last six years, working in a variety of professional contexts and with a variety of writing genres.

Notable professional writing positions include property description writing for Keller Williams Reality (2017-18), magazine writing for The Pulse (2017), grant writing for the Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences (2017), abstract book description writing for Educator’s Reviews (2018), copywriting and blog writing for Country Club Prep (2019), teaching composition as a limited-term instructor of English at KSU (2018-20), and overseeing the development and day-to-day management of Alma Coffee’s brand voice within its digital marketing channels over the last two years (2020-present).

As a content creator Kelley has put his video, photo, and audio editing skills to the test in a variety of professional and personal projects.

At Alma Coffee, Kelley currently manages the curation & creation of content for all digital channels from rough idea to final polish, a position that requires extensive knowledge of content creation software, digital marketing trends, and interdepartmental coordination.

In one of his proudest content creation positions before working full-time for Alma Coffee, Kelley co-produced, co-hosted, edited, and managed content for “Six-Page Scripts,” a weekly podcast that averaged 1000+ monthly listeners at its peak; This position gave Kelley first-hand experience with audio editing, RSS management, and social media content marketing.

Additionally, he has written, produced, or created content for several personal projects, namely “Off-Trail Originals,” a showcase of Georgia acoustic musicians (2020), “15 Seconds of Shame,” a man-on-the street comedy interview channel, and “Professor B,” a green-screen video lecture series applying research from his master’s thesis to actual video production(s).

As a digital marketer, Kelley has utilized his communication, research, and content creation abilities to foster maintain and acquire online audiences.

Recently, Kelley has led the development of Alma Coffee’s digital marketing channels from the company’s startup phase to now in its small/medium business (2020-present); This position entails spearheading Alma’s email marketing, SEO blog posting, e-commerce optimization, and day-to-day management of social media; As the content manager for Six Page Scripts (2020-2021), Kelley utilized his content creation skills to foster brand awareness and audience growth.

Overall, Kelley has found his true life calling in creating content with purposeful intention, whether that be for professional or personal contexts. He will continue to deepen his writing and content creation skillsets throughout his career as he grows with the ever-changing digital media landscape.